A book about: Reindeer

We love working through thematic units and really getting involved in a theme. Of course, the best backbone for any themed unit is a good book! Sometimes I find it very difficult to find good books about a certain theme so I thought I'd start compiling lists. Every Thursday I will choose a new theme and find all the good books I can within that theme.

Tomorrow I will have a Reindeer Printable pack coming out so I thought Reindeer would be the perfect first book theme.


Uncles and Antlers
This adorable book is about a young reindeer whose 7 uncles visit every year. The book counts each uncle and, in rhyme, describes them. One is a cowboy, another an Elvis impersonator, and another a diver. The story is cute and fun, the drawings are entertaining, and it really focuses on counting!


Little Reindeer by Giovanni Caviezel
This is a board book in the shape of a reindeer which has made all my kids very interested from the get-go. There is not a lot of text, but that's fine for a board book. It's the illustrious that I enjoy. All 8 reindeer are on each page, which could be great for counting practice.


Reindeer Christmas by Mary Kimball Moulton
This sweet little books tells the story of Donner when he loses he was the night before Christmas Eve. A family finds him in the forest and cares for him until he is able to head back to the North Pole. Thus, they save Christmas. The book is done in rhyme and features beautiful illustrations.


Christmas Magic by Sue Stainton
Every year Santa prepares a surprise for his forest friends. This year he hides all the Reindeers bells and they go on a treasure hunt to find them. In each illustration Santa is barely visible, leading to a fun hide and seek. Each page features beautiful illustrations with many different forest animals.


The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jann Brett
Jan Brett has many wonderful books, and this one is no exception. The illustrations are beautiful and the story provides a valuable lesson. When Teeka is given the task to train Santa's reindeer she finds that yelling doesn't help, but treating them with respect does.


What books about reindeer would you recommend?


**As I find more books on this topic I will add to the list!  So please share your recommendations**

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