Xx is for Xylephone Cursive Set

I love the letter W and it’s purely for hilarious reasons, I swear.  When you say “w” in English it’s double-u.  But our double-u is more like a double-v.  In French however, double-u is pronounced double-v (oublez-vey)…but they write they w like a double-u.  For some reason I find that hilarious.


Anyway, enough with the alphabet jokes.  We are onto letter W in the Crazy Cursive Alphabet!

What’s in the pack? 
Xylephone coloring page 
Xx is for Xylephone page
Dot the Xx’s 
Xx tracing
Connect the Xylephones 
Xx practice
Decorate the Xx’s
Color the X’s and x’s
I Can Write Xx Cursive booklet 
Xx dot marker page
Cursive Prewriting Practice
Xx Roll and Graph
Dot the Letters 
Xx Letter Path


Go Here to Download the Xx is for Xylephone Pack!




If you want the whole set right away, you don’t have to wait!  I’ve put the entire set up on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Check it out here!


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