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Caps for Sale – New and Simple Activities and Printables for Preschool

Activities and printables to go with Caps for Sale! Have a super fun week of learning while enjoying an excellent book – Caps for Sale!

Logi-Bear and I have started getting back into themes and planning for our preschool lessons.  He is tolerating planned activity more and more.  He seems really reluctant to anything I think of, unfortunately.

I try to just follow his lead for the most part, but I think more is needed.
As a disclaimer, there is a chance that Logi-Bear will go to public kindergarten next year.

As such, I feel that I need to make sure he is ready.  He is really reluctant to name his letters, but I know if he doesn’t he will start behind.  If it weren’t for the possibility of public kinder, I would take a big step back and just let him learn at his own pace.


But this week we read Caps for Sale every day and Logi-Bear loved the story.  He wasnt thrilled with the activities, but he did them and then adjusted them to suit what he wanted to do.  Good enough of a compromise to me!


We matched monkeys with letters to hats with letters.  We’ve been working on lowercase letters and matching them to uppercase letters.


We collected ALL of the hats in the house and tried to balance them on our heads while walking around.  This was not as easy as expected!!

For some fine motor practice we tried to make patterns with fruit loops on fettuchine (we ran out of spaghetti.  Although, the fettuchine was much less likely to break).  Logi-Bear didnt have any interest in patterning though.

He mostely just wanted to decorate the playdough.  Whatever!!

Counting and fine motor – matching monkeys and caps to their number
Dotting the Mm is for Monkey PageIMG_7586
Coloring and tracing the Mm is for Monkey page (We did these two on different days;) )

Prewriting Practice Page!IMG_7599
10 Frame cards.  We used these to practice 1:1 and also to spark some discussion.  We used gems to explore the numbers and then added 1 or took away 1 to start some beginning addition.

Logi-Bear loves graphing so we couldn’t skip it.

Cc is for Caps page.  He mostly just wanted to trace the letters

Mm is for Monkey Craft

I have to be honest, Logi-Bear has little interest in these.  He doesn’t want to cut.  He barely puts the pieces down in place.  So why do I do them?  Because we hang them up and look at them every single day.  Even though he isn’t heavily involved, he takes great pride in his crafts.  His willingness to look at each letter every day and talk about the sound it makes is the reason I’m continuing.


Find the Letter M.  Loi-Bear thought this was a maze, but it’s just random Ms.

I got the following idea from Munchkins and Moms.  We didnt have a paint stirrer so I just cut out some cardboard, but I think it worked out just fine (You can find the printable for this in the set 😀 )

So we glued the peddler to the cardboard.  Then the idea is the children will add the hats with clothespins.

Logi-Bear was sort of into this.  The clothespins really piqued his interest but he didn’t play as long as I thought he would

So on the day we did the ‘Find the Letter M’ Logi Bear thought it was a maze.  On the day we actually did the maze, he was NOT interested.  He would identify every letter and put a gem on it, but I could not get him to follow the maze.  Admittedly, I didn’t try very hard.  Tried to just let him do what he wanted since he was identifying all the letters anyhow!

Logi-Bear is pretty into math, so this was right up his alley.  I put all the puzzle pieces on opposite sides and let him match them!

This was a bit too easy for him, but now I know we can advance

More matching the monkey to the letter!  We did his multiple days throughout the week.

Using clothespins to hang things.  We did counting and rhyming, I believe.
Patterning with hat color.IMG_5768

Finding rhyming words!IMG_5770

More patterning with caps!  Logi-Bear doesn’t seem to be getting it, but we are plugging along!

Singning ‘5 Silly Monkeys’ with props!.  Logi-Bear LOVED this.  The song and props are in the pack!
I had him count the moneys after every verse.IMG_5791
We had such a blast this week.  I didn’t get pictures of everything, nor did we do everything on the plan.  Sometimes things change!!

Logi-Bear and I are working with all new preschool themes, and the plan is to share them with you all!  This week we have an entire pre pack and preschool planning page to share!

Go Here to Download the PreK Pack and Planning Page



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