Calendar Number Cards

Last week I posted about our new Calendar Board with Free Printables to go along with it.  Today, I have the August calendar cards that go with the calendar board all set and ready to go!

Calendar Number Cards

A few quick notes about them.  I’ve made them in 2 sizes – a small version to fit the $1 pocket charts at Target and Dollar Tree, and a 3in x 3in version for larger calendars. The 3×3 can be printed small to fit any size calendar Smile

I plan to make all of my calendar cards based on a 31 day month just in case someone wants to use the theme for a different month.

I’ve tried to make these cards as user friendly as possible, so there are a few options.  Aside from small and large, I have black and white or color.  I’ve also set it up to where you can print the month and days of the week in color with the number cards in black and white (this is how I printed it out)

The calendar cards for August have an ABAB pattern with carrots and apples.  We printed the cards in black and white, and we will be coloring them every day.


I have a tentative set of themes for the next year, though this may change over time.  As of now, this is my plan:

September – bugs
October – explorers and Halloween
November – US Geography and Thanksgiving
December – Transportation and Holidays
January – Rainforest
February – Oceans
March – Music
April – Zoo
May – Space
June – Weather
July – Dinosaurs


Click here to Download the Calendar Cards

7 thoughts on “Calendar Number Cards”

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  2. I was wondering if you were going to post new calendar card/did you know for each month.
    I love the ones you did for August and we are using them now.
    Thanks Lou Ann

    1. Yes, definitely! I planned to have them out today, but didn’t realize what today was :\ They’ll be out ASAP though!

      1. Thank you for your quick reply. My son & I love doing the Calendar Board. He says it’s his favorite part of school. I am so glad I found it!!
        Lou Ann

  3. have you posted the new Calendar cards for September? If so, where, because I’m missing them completely! Thank you so much for this; my boys are loving the Calendar Time!

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