Did You Notice…? Cards

This is the 2nd part of my Calendar Cards that go with my Calendar board Smile

Did You Notice...? Cards.  Calendar cards with interesting facts about fruits and vegetables

I was greatly inspired by the Calendar Connections cards from Carisa at 1+1+1=1.  However, her cards are on a higher level than my kids are at.  I’m sure Baloo could get some of it, but it was would way over Royal and Logi-Bears level.  So I decided to make my own that were much simpler.

Last year I made daily writing sheets that included an interesting fact every day, so this will be similar to that.  Except these will be part of the calendar and all relating to a particular theme.

I’ve made the cards just for weekdays, seeing as we do a 5 day school week.  I’ve included a set without numbers for anyone who does school on weekends, or wants to use the cards in a different month.


I’d also like to take a moment to explain the name.  Royal has a tendency to start nearly every sentence with “Did you notice…?”.  Seriously, nearly ever sentence.  It’s “Did you notice that I’m thirsty?” or “Did you notice that I climbed the tree?” or even “Did you notice that my favorite color is green”.  So when I asked my husband what I should call these cards, he said “Royal’s Did You Notice Cards!”  And it stuck Smile

The theme for August is fruits and veggies, so all the Did You Notice cards will have a fact related to fruits or veggies.

I’ve also included a fill in the blank sheet.  It has every fact from the Did You Notice cards with a blank to be filled in.  I made this with Baloo in mind.  He needs to practice his hand-writing, and I want to make sure he is paying attention to the cards at least a bit!  This sheet will go in his calendar binder…but I haven’t posted about that just yet.


Click Here to Download the Did You Notice…? Cards

The themes for the Did You Notice…? Cards will be the same as the Calendar cards, which are as follows:
September – bugs
October – explorers and Halloween
November – US Geography and Thanksgiving
December – Transportation and Holidays
January – Rainforest
February – Oceans
March – Music
April – Zoo
May – Space
June – Weather
July – Dinosaurs

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