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Christmas Gnome Preschool Pack

When it comes to cute little gnome illustrations, I am all in. And when I saw these Christmas gnomes, I couldn’t help myself. I knew they had to be used!

This preschool math pack is full of the cutest little gnomes.

You can make these cute Paper Christmas Gnomes to make your Christmas gnome theme even more fun and exciting!

How to Use the Christmas Gnome Pack

I’m going to go through each page below and share how I intend the page is to be used (but feel free to use them as it works or makes sense for you!)

Match the hat to the gnome!

Start by cutting out the 5 little gnome hats at the bottom of the page.

Then have your child match them to the gnomes on top.

The black and white hats on the gnomes have the same pattern as the colored ones.

Your child should be looking at the shape of the hat, the stripes or dots, and the size of the stripes or dots to figure out which hat goes where!

Roll and Graph

First, you have to put the die together.

To make the dice:
Cut out on the outer lines.
Fold on all the lines
The tabs should be on the inside and used to strengthen the edges
Tape or glue the tabs to the sides (or just tape the outside)

Once you have you die, you’re ready to roll and graph!

Roll the die and mark down which gnome you landed on.

We like to play this in one of two ways.

  1. Roll 10 times and graph the results
  2. Roll until one of the gnomes reaches 5 and is thus declared the winner!

If you laminate the graph or put it in a sheet protector, you can use dry erase markers and use this set over and over again!

Which Gnome Has the Most Cookies?

This page is all about comparisons and determining which number is more.

The goal is to compare the gnomes that are next to each other (horizontally).

Have your preschooler count the cookies in each jar (and write the number down if they are able!). Then ask them which one has more.

It’s not a well known fact, but gnomes LOVE spots on their hats. As it turns out, each of these gnomes has asked for a specific number of dots.

Have your child draw the requested number of dots on each gnome’s hat.

Gnome Patterning

Recognizing patterns is a skill that comes in handy in many different subjects – not just math. Think about rhyming and learning to read, or categorizing in science, etc.

These are all fairly simple patterns like ABAB or AAB or ABC.

Cut out the little gnomes at the bottom and have your child place them in the appropriate line above.

This activity is self correcting in that there are only enough gnomes to fit in the boxes and each gnome can only go in one box. So if they get to the last gnome and it’s not right, there’s a mistake somewhere else. (That part is also great for critical thinking skills)

Get the Christmas Gnome Preschool Math Pack Below

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Gnome Christmas Preschool Math Set


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