Scratch Off Fun Multiplication Practice

Practicing multiplication facts is boring.  I don’t remember it being an issue as a kid, but I was really into school.  My kids aren’t like that.  They don’t learn for no reason.  Learning is a natural response to an interest, and they’re not interested in math facts.  I wouldn’t push, but I think memorizing facts makes other things a lot easier…and some of them want to be engineers!  Math is a bit essential there!  And therefore multiplication practice is essential.

So, we try to make it fun, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.  Some of it is a bit gimmicky, but hey, if it works that’s okay with me!  Well, this is a bit gimmicky, but it works.


What kid doesn’t like scratch offs?  I let mine do all the coupon scratch offs that we get.  They think it’s a blast!  So why not multiplication scratch offs?  They’re incredibly easy to make and the kids get into it!


First, print off the cards.  I highly recommend using cardstock for this.
Second, use clear tape (like box tape, not scotch) or contact paper to cover the answer.
Next, mix up silver paint and dish soap at about a 1:1 ratio.
Fourth, paint on mixture over tape
Last, let dry!

That’s it!  It took me about 10 minutes to make a set of these.  (And it took Baloo about 5 minutes to go through them all…time well spent I’d say!)


I’ve made cards for facts of 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9.  I figure those are the more difficult facts to memorize and would be worth making the cards!

Best part is, you can add paint and do this activity again and again.


Download your Multiplication Scratch Off Cards Here


Multiplication practice! Fun multiplication scratch off cards to memorize those pesky multiplication math facts.

4 thoughts on “Scratch Off Fun Multiplication Practice”

  1. Christine Reese

    I am blown away by your cleverness and creativity! I cannot download these just now to my iPad because the printer is on strike, but hoping they linger so by the end of this week when we fire it and hire its replacement I can zip these babies off. Thank you

    1. Good luck with the printer!! We finally got a new printer a few months ago. I completely understand the frustration from a printer on strike lol! (Now it’s my phone that doesn’t want to hook up with my printer. Always something, right?)

      The scratch offs will be here…well, forever I hope!

  2. What an awesome activity. I had no idea that I could make my own scratch off. I’ve pinned this activity! Thanks for sharing! You are so talented!

    1. Thank you! I saw a tutorial for making scratch off coupons to send to customers and had the same thought. “I can do that myself?” And it’s so incredibly easy!

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