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Kids like control.  Heck, people like control.  We like to be in control and to have a semblance of control over our lives.  Semblance, of course, being the key word.  We don’t actually have to have control over our lives as long as we feel like we have at least some control.  The same is true for kids.  No one likes giving up all control.  This is the primary reason toddlers have tantrums, even though they’re about not wanting the blue cup.

So I had an idea at the beginning of the summer that I’ve just been waiting to implement.

The Create Your Own Homeschool Schedule

I’m surely not the only person who loved those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books as a kid, right?  My boys don’t like them, but they were some of my favorites.  That was part of the inspiration for this schedule.  What if I let the boys choose what order in which we do our school work?  As long as we get everything done, does it really matter in what order we do it?  No, of course not!

Giving Them the Semblance of Control

If I choose the subjects, they just choose the order, they’re really not gaining a lot of control.  They will still complete all the same work.  But they will feel more in control.  Now, we haven’t actually used this, so the benefits I’m about to list are all theoretical.  But let’s indulge ourselves for a moment, eh?

If they feel more in control, they will be more likely to complete their work enthusiastically (or maybe just without complaint), they will feel more invested in their education, and they will work harder.

A girl can dream, right?


The Printable Homeschool Schedule

So here’s how this idea panned out.  There are two pages (only one pictured).  The first is “Today’s Schedule” and the second is “To Do”.  On the To Do page, I will attach all the subjects that need to be completed that day.


The boys will take turns choosing the next subject.  On their turn, they will pick one picture from the list and move it to the schedule. IMG_7367


I have not yet decided if I will let them choose as we go through the day, or if we will choose the order at the beginning of the day.  I suppose that will be decided with trial and error!


I provided all the subjects I could think of, but if you have a subject that needs to be added, please let me know!  I included French and Spanish for foreign language but would be more than happy to add more subjects.  Just ask!


Preparation of the Create Your Own Homeschool Schedule

I wanted this to last all year (yes I understand how ridiculous that sounds) so I printed on cardstock and laminated everything.  I am constantly asked about our laminator.  We’ve had two (some feisty child put a bunch of coins in one and it broke…) and I highly recommend them both.

Purple Cow Laminator:

We bought ours at Costco where it is significantly cheaper, but that was a few years ago.  Not sure if they still have the deal!  Great laminator though and worth the money.

Scotch Laminator:

Do not buy this at $50!!  It regularly goes on sale.  Add it to your amazon sale list!


You’ll also need:
Hook and Loop Tape Dots (VELCRO Dots)
(Or get them in bulk, because who doesn’t need 500 dots?)

Go Here to Download the Printable Schedule for Homeschoolers!


Free Create Your Own Homeschool Schedule with Printables

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