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The Virtual Book Club for Kids author for January is David McPhail.  McPhail has written a LOT of books and we had fun reading as many as we could get our hands on.  They are very popular, too!  No matter what, whenever we went to the library most of the books by McPhail were already checked out.

We finally ended up getting First Flight which is a real gem of a book – especially if you have a child that is about to go on their first airplane ride!!  Or any airplace ride!  The little boy in the story is flying to see his grandmother and takes his teddy bear with him.  In the story, while on the flight, the teddy bear turns into a full grown bear!  They have quite the airplane adventure (all normal events that happen on a plane) until they arrive safe and sound!

We decided to use an empty box to make our own airplane!  We took it outside on a beautiful afternoon to play in it!

I cut out little ‘wings’ for each of the boys and put tape on the back.  Then I made some tickets, and filled out one for each of them with a name, destination, and the date.  Baloo read them all and handed them out.  Then we stamped them when they got onboard the airplane!

We invited some of our stuffed friends, just like the boy in the story!  We had a blast going to Outer Space (Royal’s choice), Alaska for the Iditarod (Baloo’s choice), and Disney World for Logi-Bear!


I let the boys explore our box as an airplane, rocket ship, hurdle, and many other things.  We had a great time reenacting the story and just playing!!



If you’d like to participate in the Virtual Book Club, just follow these simple steps!
1. Pick your favorite David McPhail book and share it with your children and/or class!  (Feel free to comment here with which book you’ve chosen!)
2.  Create an activity, craft, recipe, project etc!  Do it and take pictures!
3. Come back Jan 14 (or later) and share it with us!  The blog hop will be live for 3 weeks so share anytime in those 3 weeks!


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