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So Baloo recently started fractions, among other mathematical concepts.  It seems like there’s just been an explosion of new concepts lately.  Anyway, I immediately noticed there is a severe lack of colorful and fun fraction practice.  You can only cut a pizza into so many fractions!  So naturally I had to put something together.


What’s in the pack?
Color the Fractions
Spin and Color
Fraction Graphing
Equivalent Fractions
Comparing Fractions
Matching Fractions
Match the Meatballs
Fraction Connect 4

Some of the pages have two versions: one for beginners and one a little more advanced


Fraction Graphing:
We used dot markers and Baloo decided to cover the entire area with red. 



Spin and Color. 
First, use a paperclip and pencil for a spinner.

Then color in what you’ve spun until they’re all filled up!

This one is really straight forward.  Just color what it says to color!


Fraction Connect Four:
This might be one of my favorite additions.  First I had Baloo play by himself.  He was focusing not only on the fractions but the strategy of what spot would help him most.


Four in a row!

Royal wanted to play so I let him give Baloo some competition.  They had different colored dogs and took turns rolling.

The biggest problem we had was when they blocked each others four in a row possibilities.  Both were very upset.  We made a new rule that you have to choose the best spot for you, not the one that blocks your opponent.


Four in a row for Royal!!



Hope you enjoy!


Go Here to Download the Fractions Pack


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