Hands-on Shark STEAM Unit Study for Fun Shark Learning

Ready to learn about sharks using hands-on and memorable activities? Look no further, it’s all planned out for you here in this engaged shark unit study!
It is shark week.  Arguably one of the most exciting weeks of the year.  I’m not sure what it is about sharks, but they are pretty fantastic.  And I love how the shark narrative is changing from ‘Sharks are terrifying’ to ‘Sharks are endangered species!”.

Sharks will always hold a fascination in people.  They’re huge, a bit creepy, mysterious, and they can be deadly.  Of course, we are more interested in things that are rarely deadly (sharks, airplanes crashes) than things that are commonly deadly (heart attacks).  But that’s a topic for another day.

Ready to learn about sharks using hands on and memorable activities? Look no further, it's all planned out for you here in this engaged shark unit study!

I wanted to start our school year off on the right foot with a fun and educational unit study.  But mostly, I wanted to make a unit study that they would surely remember.  So I just had to create a shark unit study to get us started off right.

TL:DR – The Shark Unit Study

This is a unit study that is totally prepared for you. Gather the supplies needed for the hands-on activities (usually stuff you’d have on hand) and get going on this shark study!

  • 5 shark STEAM projects
  • 1 Writing Project
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Book Suggestions including non-fiction, picture books, novels, beginning readers, and more
  • Extras – Printables!
  • 3 different copywork pages

What is In the Shark Unit Study?

Learn about shark skin, the different types of shark teeth, and how sharks can move the way they do.

This unit study is primarily made up of STEAM activities that are hands-on investigations into all things shark!

I wanted a study into sharks a bit more depth than the typical ‘what they eat, where they live’ type studies. But I still wanted my elementary age kiddos to get a lot out of it.

So naturally, I went to my kids and found out what they found interesting. We read a few books and I paid attention to the parts they seemed to fixate on.

Then we made some activities to go with those parts! And this is the resulting unit study.


What Kind of Unit Study is This?

I’ve made a few unit studies before but not one quite like this.  I’ve been looking for awhile now for a homeschool style that meets my needs and my kids’ needs and I’m coming up short.  So we call ourselves eclectic and we pick what we want from the different styles out there.  But I wanted more.

I want hands-on activities that are educational and memorable.
I want writing practice that is engaging and progresses at their level.
I want reading that sucks you in.
I want my kids to just want more.

So I decided to make it myself.  The backbone of this unit study (and ones to come) is finding a good book that you can immerse yourself in. I’ve noticed that my kids can relate almost anything to a book they’ve read.  We’ve read historical fiction that puts you into the worlds of the past.  And they remember little details about the past that they would not otherwise encounter. Books are our gateway to everything.



What Is Covered in the Shark Unit Study?

STEAM: All about sharks!  We cover their size, their skin, teeth, bones, and more.

Reading is covered with other books.  There is not one book that is required.  Instead, I opted to suggest a few books in hopes you could find them at your local library.  Feel free to explore books outside the list as well (and if you find a great one, let me know so I can add it to the list!)

Writing: There are two projects that involve writing plus additional shark copywork.  The writing is meant to be both creative and technical but fitting within the range of many abilities.

Vocabulary: There is a vocabulary book full of words about sharks.  The words are used multiple times and reinforced through the printables.

Art: The unit study covers an art project that can be tailored to meet the needs of young kids but is also creative enough for older kids to enjoy.

Math:  Multiple forms of math are covered in the activities and printables.


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Ready to learn about sharks using hands on and memorable activities? Look no further, it's all planned out for you here in this engaged shark unit study!

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