Free Hanukkah Pack for K-2nd

We are going to learn a bit more about Hanukkah so I wanted to create a fun little pack to learn some of the common terms and items that are associated with Hanukkah.  Cassie at 3 Dinosaurs has an amazing Hanukkah pack for the younger crowd.  This is mainly for K-2nd, although some activities would be appropriate for the little ones too!

Free Hanukkah Printable Pack

Included in the pack:
Read and Write the Room
Word Search
Writing Prompt
Word Scrambles
Connect the Numbers
Roll and Color
1-10 Puzzle
11-20 Puzzle
Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Pages
Dreidel Addition and Subtraction
Hanukkah Coin Matching
Dreidel Game Dice
Graph Your Deidel Game
Present Estimation

Happy Hanukkah!!

Go Here to Download the Hanukkah Pack



Free Hanukkah Printable Pack

5 thoughts on “Free Hanukkah Pack for K-2nd”

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  2. I have enjoyed your thematic packs and have used several in my first grade classroom. I noticed in the Hanukkah packet that the menorah graphic is inaccurate. There are always 9 candles on a menorah, which includes one for each of the eight nights plus one helper candle called the shamesh. Any way to switch out the graphic for future packets? Thanks.

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