Our New Light Table–Sensory Play Party

Welcome to the Sensory Play Party brought to you by Little Bins for Little Hands and Royal Baloo!


A few months ago, like almost a year, I bought everything I needed to make a little light table.  We’ve never done light table activities, but they look like so much fun!!

Well, this week I finally managed to get the materials together and make our first light table!  Ours is a very thrifty version.  We bought a large plastic container, like this:

I’m fairly certain we bought ours at Walmart for less than $10. 

I wanted one that didn’t have any grooves or weird parts on the bottom.  And I wanted it to be shallow so we could play on the floor easily.  Then I added white christmas lights to the inside for the light.  They make some shadows, but light up pretty evenly otherwise.  I think some tap-on lights might work well today, and we might give them a shot.

I did go the “extra distance”” and drilled a hole in the side of the container to snake the cord through.  The only reason I did that is because we were borrowing a drill and I could…and I have nothing else to drill!  I don’t think it’s necessary at all.


**I got the idea for the christmas lights from another blogger, though I have no clue who it was.  Instead, I’ve put together a short list of DIY Light Table posts from other bloggers.  There are many options to make an inexpensive light table!!
DIY Light Table from Here Comes the Sun
DIY Light Table from 2 Big, 2 Little
DIY Light Table from Raising Lifelong Learners
DIY Light Table from Happy Hooligans
DIY Light Table from Teach Preschool 

So here it is all put together!
Easy and Inexpensive DIY Light Table

I couldn’t drill a hole large enough for the entire outlet to pull through, but I realized I prefer it that way.  Half of the plug fits in the hole snuggly.  I attach another cord to plug it in, but it can all be stored in the box after.
Easy and Inexpensive DIY Light Table

The lights are strewn haphazardly about.  They do get warm, so we limit light table time.  I don’t want to risk them getting too hot.
Easy and Inexpensive DIY Light Table


We took our light table into a dark room and just investigated it.  I had some manipulatives that were clear or translucent, so I got them all together.  The boys picked some toys that were not see-through at all, and quickly learned what kinds of materials are fun on the table!
Easy and Inexpensive DIY Light Table

We have rarely used these shapes before, but now I’m pretty sure we will use them all the time!
Easy and Inexpensive DIY Light Table

Great for color mixing!!  The green and purple turn out beautifully!
Easy and Inexpensive DIY Light Table


Now onto some features from last week!

Sensory Play Party

1. Reptile Shredded Paper Bin from Crayon Box Chronicles – I the shredded paper!  Sensory but not overly messy!
2. Night Sky Sensory Bin by BackintheHills.com – I love the addition of glow in the dark play!
3. ABC Sensory Bin from 3Dinosaurs.com
4. Calming Chamomile Melting Dough from SowSproutPlay.com


I hope you’ll join in on the sensory play party! We would love it if you’d add the button to your post, though it’s not required.

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  1. If you line the top, where the kids play, with some tracing or parchment paper, the light will diffuse and you won’t see individual lights.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I might give the parchment paper a try. I’m worried the light won’t be bright enough then though. Worth a shot!

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