Free If You Give A Mouse A Cookie Packs

I’ve always loved the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, and even moreso after I had kids.  It’s just such a fun book to read!  When I came across the clipart for the book I knew I had to do a pack, but it took me quite a few months to get it to the top of the list.  But now it’s done!


What’s in the pack?

Tot Pack:
Mm is for Mouse
Cc is for Cookie
Dot the Mm’s
Dot Marker Pages
Prewriting Pages
Cutting Strips
9-Piece Puzzle
Matching Cards
Shape Tracing
Mouse Matching
What’s Different
Lacing Cards

PreK Pack:
3-part cards
Patterning Cards
What Comes Next?
4-Piece Puzzles
Which Is Different?
Prewriting Page
Beginning Sounds
What Color Is the Cookie?
1-10 Puzzle
11-20 Puzzle
Clip and Count Cards
Dot the Mm’s
Shadow Matching
Roll and Graph
Roll and Color
Color by Size
Mm is for Mouse
Cc is for Cookie
Read and Write the Room
Dot Marker
Color by Letter


I hope you enjoy the packs!


Go Here to Download the Packs



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