Free St Patricks Day Print & Play Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

I’m not big on holidays, but if someone forced me to choose a favorite holiday it would totally be St. Patricks Day.  My family has quite an Irish background and I even have quite an Irish name.  I guess that I’ve always just loved when Erin Go Bragh is everywhere on March 17!  Anyway, with St. Patrick’s Day just next week I knew I had to get something out!

This is not my typical type of pack.  This is a print & play, which means that there is no prep necessary!  I designed this for people like me, the ones who forgot to prepare something fun for St Patricks Day and wake up Tuesday morning wanting just anything.  If you’re a procrastinator like me, this is for you!

I’ve done Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade.  Each level has 4 pages, 2 for math concepts and 2 for language arts concepts.

St. Patricks Day Print And Play

What’s in the Pack?

Make 10 with St. Patricks Day Coins
Spin a Word
Roll, Add, and Color
Color the CVC Words

First Grade
ABC Order
Color by Sight Word
Spin the Time
Roll and Compare

Second Grade
Tally Marks
Fact Families
Long O
Roll and Trace Contractions


Go Here to Download the St. Patrick’s Day Print & Play

St. Patricks Day Print And Play

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