Big Hero 6 Early Reader

We saw Big Hero 6 in theaters because it was the only movie out and we really wanted to go see a movie.  And we ended up falling it love.  I preordered the movie on DVD which I never ever do!  But I’m a sucker for a movie that I enjoy watching as much as the boys.  Logi-Bear still walks around saying “We jumped out a window (whispering) we jumped out a window” almost every day.


When I did the Frozen Early Reader I had promised to do more themed early readers and I’m trying to make good on that promise!  Just like the Frozen reader, this is for the earliest of readers.  It includes just two sight words which are repeated on every page, and the final world can be figured out through the pictures.  And for reinforcement, there are some fun printable pages at the end!

I’m working on Big Hero 6 Packs, too!

I could resist making two separate Big Hero Early Readers.  One is super simple and designed for the earliest of readers.  The second is for slightly more advanced readers and includes a few more words.  I hope you enjoy them both!


Go Here to Download the Big Hero 6 Easy Readers


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