Fun Christmas Writing Prompts

Baloo loves silly things (and doesn’t really like things that aren’t silly).  He isn’t a big fan of writing, so I knew to get him interested it would have to be silly in some way.  Or related to Minecraft.

Fun Christmas Writing Prompts

I created these writing prompts with a fun little twist.  To start, you get to use a spinner to find out the name for your writing prompt.  This is from a different worksheet, but still illustrates how to use a pencil and paper clip to make the spinner!Fun Christmas Writing Prompts

After you have the name, you can write!  I have Baloo write in complete sentences (so he wrote “My name is Buddy McJingles.”)  Lastly, they can draw and color a picture to go with the prompt!



Go Here to Download the Christmas Writing Prompts



Fun Christmas Writing Prompts

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