How to Fit Spanish Lessons Into a Busy Homeschool Schedule

Learning a foreign language has always been on my list of things to do. I’ve wanted to be bilingual since I can’t remember.

But there is a big difference between wanting to learn something and taking the time to actually learn it.

I thought for sure that having kids would light the fire to get language learning going. But it turns out that parenting is time-consuming (who knew?)

Then we started homeschooling and well, the rest is history.

Foreign language just isn’t something we have managed to fit into our schedule. Until now.

(We received this product for this review.  All of the opinions in this post and mine (and my kids) ? )

So I was really excited to find Foreign Language for Kids by Kids®

TL:DR Version:

  • Immersive Style
  • No Prep Necessary
  • Can be a quick lesson or longer lessons
  • Works for all ages
  • It’s entertaining
  • A great Giveaway! (Scroll to the bottom!)


7 Ways to Fit Foreign Language Lessons into your Busy Homeschool Day

We’ve been using the Foreign Language for Kids by Kids® program and that has made a big impact on our ability to actually fit in Spanish lessons. The program his most of the 7 ways to fit in foreign language lessons!

  1. Make it part of morning time. We use morning time lessons as a way to get more done as we finish breakfast. It’s an easier transition to school work and we can start our day off with the more fun lessons. Foreign Language for Kids by Kids® fits in just right because we can watch videos while eating.
  2. Use a curriculum that your kids enjoy. When my kids enjoy something, they actively ask for it. That can make a huge difference as to how often it gets done! If they’re asking instead of groaning we will use it more often and spend more time using it.
  3. Use shorter lessons that don’t take up as much time. Shorter lessons mean it’s easier to squeeze the material in between other activities.
  4. Make it a priority. The one big secret to getting anything done more regularly is to make it a priority. It’s not the easiest way. But if something is important enough that it gets priority, it will get done.
  5. Learn a Language as a family. When you consolidate learning, there is simply more time! If one Spanish lesson takes 30 minutes and you have to do that for each child, it’s a lot longer than doing one 30-minute lesson total!
  6. Use a program that doesn’t require prep work. Have you ever skipped a planned lesson because you didn’t realize you actually had some prep work to do? Yeah, me too. This is why I primarily choose programs that don’t have prep work. It’s so much easier to just have it all ready for you!
  7. Outsource it! There are many reasons we had to outsource Spanish. Mainly because I don’t speak Spanish myself (yet!). But also because we are busy and I didn’t have the time to figure out how to teach it.

The Benefits of Foreign Language For Kids By Kids®

Immersion Style Learning for Homeschool Spanish

It’s well known that immersion style learning for a foreign language is by far the best. But when you’re not fluent in another language and hiring a full-time foreign language teacher is out of the budget, there aren’t many options.

But Foreign Language For Kids By Kids® is immersion style!

What I mean by that is the videos don’t translate the words for you. They present the situation and repeat the words as necessary to make their meaning clear.

So instead of thinking “zapatos means shoes” you picture a shoe in your head and think zapatos.

I never thought I’d see a homeschool foreign language program that could be immersive but they did a great job on this point!

No Prep Foreign Language Lessons

I am an open and go curriculum type person. I can look over plans for the week in advance, but for the most part, I want to be able to sit down and get going.

So I knew I needed a foreign language program that didn’t require much prep work from me.

The videos are perfect for just sitting down and getting started. I don’t feel the need to preview them ahead of time or prep any additional work for my kids to complete.

If I feel like we need more than just the videos, there are interactive “worksheets” online for them to complete. They review the words and concepts covered in the videos. But you don’t print them out – they are completed online!

There are also additional videos for culture and geography if we still want more to do.

Quick Lessons or Longer Lessons

One issue we often run into with our busy schedule is that we don’t have a solid hour break anywhere. But the Foreign Langage for Kids by Kids® program can be fit into a 5 minute period, if necessary!

The videos are pretty short but even one video covers a lot of new words and review words. While a longer lesson would be preferred, it’s nice to know that we can squeeze in a video wherever we have time.

If I feel like we need more than just the videos, there are interactive “worksheets” online for them to complete. They review the words and concepts covered in the videos. But you don’t print them out – they are completed online!

There are also additional videos for culture and geography if we still want more to do.

Foreign Language Lessons that Work for All Ages

We try to combine as much work as possible. It’s just so much easier when we can all work together! And it takes a lot less time doing each subject once instead of three times.

But I wasn’t sure I could find a foreign language program that would work for all of us! We have a 5-year difference between our oldest and youngest. I was worried they would be learning on such different levels that we couldn’t all work together.

What I found was that an immersive style program worked great for all three of my kids. Not only that, but I am picking up so much Spanish as well!

Actually, not only am I picking it up, but I am learning words and phrases that are useful to repeat to my kids! Like “¿Dónde están tus zapatos?”

We are learning as a family which means we are using Spanish as a family.

The Videos are Entertaining

Since I grew up wanting to learn another language so much I just assumed my kids would love the idea of speaking a second language.

How wrong I was!

One major hurdle in teaching and learning another language has been their resistance.

But they enjoy the Foreign Language for Kids by Kids® videos! They’re a bit silly and repetitive but they’re also engaging and entertaining.

My kids enjoy trying to say the words before the kids in the videos say the words.

And they love that the people in the videos are actually kids (the dogs have been popular as well).

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