Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni–Virtual Book Club for Kids

Leo Lionni is a favorite author of authors.  We don’t own a lot of his books, but the ones that we do own are read over and over and over again. 



We decided to check out a new book this month, and stumbled upon Inch by Inch.  I loved it immediately and the boys enjoyed it too!

We decided to see how many things we could find around the house that were 1in long.  I made these cute little Inchworm Rulers to help us out.  All 3 boys got a ruler, and then we set out to find our inch things.

Baloo found a pumpkin counter…

Royal had to try a few lego blocks before finding one that was just the right size.

And we kept going!

Once we filled up one ruler we decided to stop.  10 things was enough!  The boys continued to go around measuring things with their rulers though.


Would you like your own Inchworm Rulers?  You can get them here!


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We had quite a bit of fun with this book and I think it’s going to be making it’s way into our permanent collection!


If you want to participate in the Virutal Book Club link up, just follow these simple steps:
1. Pick your favorite Leo Lionni book and share it with your children and/or class!  (Feel free to comment here with which book you’ve chosen!)
2.  Create an activity, craft, recipe, project etc!  Do it and take pictures!
3. Come back  and share it with us!  The blog hop will be live for 3 weeks so share anytime in those 3 weeks!

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  1. I have this book on our wish list but I haven't read anything by this author yet – I'm so glad to hear you liked it and I love your ruler! I'm pinning this post!

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