Fireman Math Counting Game

This fun firefighter game is great for working on counting skills! It can also be used for addition and subtraction skills.

Help the firefighters fight the fire and work on math skills at the same time. Winning!

Fireman Theme for Preschoolers

I love doing a fireman theme with young kids. So many kids are interested in fire trucks and what it takes to be a fireman that it’s easy to get their buy-in.

It’s also easy to cross over and talk about fire safety and what to do in the event of a fire. While I’ve never experienced a fire emergency, I always feel safer knowing my kids are prepared.

I love including resources like this Fire Safety Lapbook in with any fireman or fire truck themed activity!

Fireman Counting Game

This game is pretty simple but we had so much fun with it! There is a bit of strategy involved – get 1 and 20 as soon as possible! It can be tricky rolling the exact number to get to the ends.

This game is also great for counting. You and your child will be counting on every single turn.

And if your kids are practicing addition, this is a great way to work on simple addition facts!

If you’re on number 8 and you roll a 4, which space will you land on?

And since this game involves going up and down the ladder, you can practice some subtraction or counting backwards as well.

How to Put Together the Fireman Math Counting Game

Materials Needed:

  • Paper (preferably cardstock)
  • Dice
  • Small gems, LEGO Blocks, or other pieces. You’ll need at least 20

This is a printable game but the prep time is pretty small.

Start by taping the two pieces of the gameboard together. Do your best to line up the pages while taping them together.

Next, make the fireman pieces. Cut the pieces out. Then tape the long pieces together in the back.

And that’s it! Your game board is all put together and you’re ready to play.

How to play the Fireman Math Counting Game

The point of the game is to cover all the numbers in water so you can put out the fire.

This game can be played alone or as a small team. The only competition is the fire.

The first player starts by rolling one die. Starting at the bottom of the ladder, they can move the number of spaces they rolled. From this point forward, you can move up or down on the ladder with each roll (as long as there is enough space to move however much you’ve rolled).

Once you’ve landed somewhere, add a block or water to the space. If there is already ‘water’ on the space, don’t do anything.

Keep rolling, taking turns and adding water to the places you land.

The goal is to get all 20 spaces on the ladder filled with water. The last few numbers might be tricky but it’s not impossible!

After we won, Royal decided to move all of the water to the burning building. He decided we saved the building!

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