A-J Review Game: Uno

The boys have been really into Uno the past few weeks and I had an idea to make an Uno style review game.  I know Royal is going to love it!


This review game covers A-J and also includes Skip, Draw Two, and Wild cards.


The rules – every player starts with 7 cards.  The rest of the cards are placed in a pile face down, with one flipped over for the start of the game.  Player 1 plays a card from his/her hand that is either the same color or same letter as the turned card.  If no cards can be played, draw 1 from the pile.

Continue going back and forth until someone has one card left.  That player needs to say ‘Uno’.  A player can win by putting down all cards in their hand.


Go here to Download the A-J Uno Review Game!

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