Minecraft Multiplication Code Breaker with Minecraft Puns

It’s time for more Minecraft multiplication printables!

We all want our kids to enjoy schoolwork, right?  But sometimes it’s not 100% possible. We all will be faced with something in life that we don’t really want to do but it ultimately good for us.

Like practicing math facts.

So I just do my best to make it entertaining or fun.

And hence, Minecraft printables!

Why Practice Math Facts Anyway?

The age-old question – are math facts even necessary anymore?

I say yes – to a certain extent.

The truth is that we all have calculators with us now which makes it less necessary to memorize all of the math facts.

However, some parts of life (and math) are easier when you’ve memorized math facts.

Like in the grocery store – coming to a rough total of what you’re spending. If I need to be exact, I pull out my calculator. If I just need it to be close, I add/multiply in my head. That’s a lot easier to do with my facts memorized.

Having facts memorized also makes it easier when moving on to harder math concepts. For instance, reducing fractions is so much simpler when you have your division facts memorized.

Here are my tips for helping kids memorize their multiplication facts!

Minecraft Multiplication Code Breaker

Minecraft has become quite an important part of our work as my kids are very motivated by anything Minecraft. I promised Baloo (now 11) Minecraft puns if he did some Minecraft and he was all ears.

You can check out the other Minecraft printables we’ve made here:

How to Set Up the Minecraft Multiplication Code Breaker

The code breaker comes in two parts – the smaller circle (with the TNT) and the larger square (with the green border). Line up the smaller circle in the middle of the bigger one.

Poke a brad through the middle so the code breaker can spin freely.

And voila, you have a Minecraft Code Breaker!

How to Use the Minecraft Multiplication Code Breaker

The code breaker comes with 4 ‘punny’ cards. On one side is a pun/riddle/joke and the other side contains the answer – in code form.

Use the code breaker to break the code and find the answers to the puns!

Find the math problem under the letter. On the code breaker, find the matching multiplication problem. Line it up with the correct product.

Write the letter next to the product on the line of the pun!

But there are many other ways to use the code breaker too – we don’t just stop at breaking the codes!

After finishing these puns, kids can use the code breaker to make their own codes! The breaker only includes 12 letters but the rest of the alphabet can be filled in with regular letters instead of code!

Once you’ve made your code, give the code and the codebreaker to a friend to solve!

Click here to download the Minecraft Multiplication Code Breaker

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