Engaging Multiplication Practice – Input/Output Printables

I have two kids memorizing multiplication facts now and they have both improved by leaps and bounds since we started introducing fun and engaging ways for multiplication practice!  The code breaker multiplication was probably the favorite, but the scratch off multiplication wasn’t far behind.

I’ve been worked on games, activities, printables, and much more for multiplication.  I know a lot of people don’t feel that memorizing the tables is important but I think it can save a lot of headache in the future.  Everyone approaches this differently, and that’s great.  I firmly believe that we all need to do what works for us.  For us, fun ways to practice multiplication are key.  The drills don’t achieve much but the games are working out quite well.


Input/Output Multiplication Practice

These input/output pages needed to be sold, but they got through in the end.  The idea is that the numbers are a code and when inputted into a computer…or perhaps a robot…will produce the output number.  First, the rule needs to be identified.  Then the rest of the input numbers can be worked through for the output.  Just a quick, easy, and fun way to practice the basic multiplication facts!


I think I need to make an addition version now too.





Go Here to Download the Input/Output Multiplication Pages

Fun and engaging multiplication practice free printable pages.  Input/output.  Find the multiplication codes and solve the problems!

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