Minecraft Multiplication Mazes

I have a thought that if i include Minecraft in my multiplication printables, I won’t have to use any other techniques to get my kids to practice their multiplication facts.

This theory is untested, so approach at your own risk. But I think it’s a risk worth taking. I mean, who doesn’t love Minecraft?

Minecraft Multiplication Maze

I’m all about finding fun ways to practice any and every subject and skill. And I’m obviously not above using things (like Minecraft) that my kids love to make that practice even more enticing.

Another nice part of this Multiplication maze is that it can be used over and over again – and it’s different every time!

Your rolls will change each time and you’ll make different decisions. So this activity can be used many times over.

How to Use the Multiplication Maze

This is such a simple printable – which is one of the parts I love about it.

Print it out, get 2 dice, and grab a few small objects (like LEGO) or a dry erase marker. Or if you want to make this a one-time use printable, just use a marker or dot marker!

Roll both dice. Multiply the numbers together. Then find the product on the maze (there are multiple boxes for each product, but only cover one).

Keep rolling and covering until you’ve made a path for Steve to get to the diamonds and diamond ore!

The rules are pretty simple on this one – and you are welcome to change them if needed.

First, I don’t let my kids move diagonally. This is simply because they’ll have to roll more if they cannot move diagonally. If you’re going for a faster game, just change this rule.

Second, I don’t let me kids move a tile once they’ve put it down. Sometimes later on they realize there might have been a better spot. But part of the game is making logical choices!

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Grab your own Minecraft Multiplication Maze Printable here

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