Sensory Cloud Writing – ABCs and CVC Words

I love using sensory play to work on skills. And these cloud themed shaving cream sensory cards are perfect for working on ABCs or CVC words.

Cloud ABCs and CVC Words

I love introducing sensory play into other subjects – like writing and reading. I think sensory input is important in all subjects -especially for younger kids.

Kids -and all humans really – tend to absorb information in different ways. And a multisensory approach is a great way to encourage out-of-the-box learning.

I have my own theories as to why sensory input helps learning.

  1. I think it’s distracts the brain. Sometimes focusing on something other than the topic at hand lets our subconscious do the learning for us. We process so much information without focusing on it.
  2. It’s fun. For anyone who enjoys different sensory feelings, it’s fun to bring in another angle to learning.
  3. It’s different. We need to shake up how we teach and how we learn sometimes. Sensory learning is a great way to shake things up.

Use these letter cards alone or pair them with the CVC words to work on beginning reading skills. Either way, it’s sure to be fun.

Cloud Writing with Cotton Balls

I wanted to start with a not-messy activity. And I thought cotton balls were perfect for this.

They look like tiny clouds!

We started by printing out the cards and laminating them. The laminating is important when it comes to the shaving cream part.

Just place the cotton balls on the letter! Simple at that.

Cloud Writing with Shaving Cream

My kids much prefer the shaving cream to the cotton balls. There’s something so pleasant about playing with shaving cream!

The printable set comes with CVC cards. So you can put three letter cards together and word on some simple words.

Just add shaving cream to your laminated card (alternately, add shaving cream to a glass or clear dish/bin and place the card undernearth).

Then have them spread out a layer of the shaving cream.

Finally, have them trace the letters!

And then have them trace an entire word.

Get the Download Here

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