How Minecraft Will Help Your Kids Learn This Summer

I’m sure I don’t have the only kids that will talk your ear off about Minecraft, right?

Baloo (nearly 10) and I just went on an errand that took about an hour total and I swear he did not take a breath the entire time.  His entire stream of thoughts just came pouring out and of course, it was about Minecraft.  Because Minecraft is all the rage right now and he wants to share that with me.  And honestly, I want to share that with him.

But for the entire hour my thoughts pretty much centered on “How can I capitalize on his love for Minecraft in a way that benefits the both of us”.

Shortly after, I learned about Connected Camps.  We’ve participated in Minecraft camps where the kids learn history or science, but these camps teach Minecraft.  And through teaching Minecraft the kids can learn concepts about building, architecture, coding, engineering, and more.  Furthermore, this 100% online (from the comfort of your own home) camp focuses on cooperative play.  In my opinion, learning to work with other people is one of the most important aspects in education.  There is an art to compromise and group work.

Online Summer Camps in Minecraft. Bolster summer learning with these engaging camps!


It feels like summer just began, right?  Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s almost over. Luckily, there are still four weeks left of the online summer camps in Minecraft!  Even better, Connected Camps has offered a generous 30% discount on all camps (just use the code RB30 at checkout!).  Did I mention there are experienced counselors leading each camp?  People who live and breathe Minecraft?

The next camp session begins July 18th!  Each session is a week long (the last session runs from August 8th-12th!).  The boys will be doing one of the courses in the August 1st-5th, so maybe we will see you in there.


Okay so a few points to make:

  • Online summer camps in Minecraft
  • 100% online means you don’t have to go out into the heat.  Enjoy your A/C at home!
  • Summer learning!  Need I say more?
  • Summer learning that is FUN.  They will be begging you to learn.
  • Problem solving skills
  • Collaboration



So let’s talk about the different camps for a second.

Survival Camp
Have you guys tried to survive a night in Minecraft?  Because I have and I died.  Like 5 minutes into the night a spider showed up out of nowhere (no lies, I screamed and ran…literally).  There are some tips and tricks to survival mode in Minecraft!  Well this camp will teach those tips and tricks.  In addition, the students work together in groups to create colonies.  How great is that?  Sharing resources and collaborative play.

Architecture Camp
My favorite part about Minecraft (if I can choose just one…) is the ability to be creative and make majestic structures.  One of the boys build a house sized taco in Minecraft once.  Well this class will teach your kids how to build some pretty amazing structures, from stadiums, to skyscrapers, to parks.  Plus, they build in groups so by the end of the week, your kid will have an entire city to be proud of.

Game Design
The kids will be learning to design games.  Pretty much just a dream come true for so many Minecraft players (ahemBaloo).  They’re going to design their own playable games.  Yes, they will be able to play their own games!


Coding – beginning and advanced
One of the great things about Minecraft is that anyone can make a usable mod for the game (and share that mod).  This is really encouraging for kids who want to get into modding.  The beginning and advanced camps will teach kids coding in Minecraft and give them a great start to the coding world!


Engineering with Redstone
So my basic knowledge of Minecraft does not allow me to describe what happens in this camp.  I’m going to have Baloo say it instead.

Baloo:  Redstone is a type of power to transform the Minecraft world.  It helps with powering items and it also makes a good challenge for people who like making computers or things like computers.  This camp will teach you how to use levers, pistons, trapdoors, and other complex machines with redstone.


Camp for Girls
Yes, a camp just for girls on coding, game design, and survival mode.  Why just for girls?  Well this camp is about promoting STEM activities to girls who are underrepresented in the STEM world.  This camp gets girls with other girls to encourage them and to develop a passion for STEM.  Girls are certainly invited into the other camps, but this is a special camp just for the girls.



So many options!  I’m sure there is a camp for every level that your kids are at right now!  And it’s all virtual!  100% online!  No rushing anywhere.  Just relaxing at home, on the computer!


To check out the camp schedule, get a bit more information, or if you’re ready to sign up, head on over to Connected Camps!  And don’t forget the coupon code RB30 for 30% off!

Online Summer Camps in Minecraft. Bolster summer learning with these engaging camps!

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