24 Math Games to Learn Math the Fun Way

I love playing board games with the boys and I hate it at the same time.  On the one hand, it’s great for learning how to take turns, losing to lose, learning to win, and it’s great family time.  On the other hand, it’s heartbreaking to watch your kid getting more and more frustrated by losing.  I’ll admit it, I’ve thrown a game before.  Not often but I have broken down a few times.

24 math Games for practicing counting, addition, subtraction, skip counting, telling time, shapes, rounding, and multiplication.

Well at one point I realized that board games could actually be pretty educational and that the boys would play a game with their favorite character every single day.  So the mission to create educational board games with interesting characters can about.  I’ve made a few (with a lot more in the works) and they’ve gone over really well.  I can’t say they play them every day, but for at least a few days they are all enthusiastic about playing a math game!!


I’ve compiled a list of 24 math games (board games and printable math games) that will help you practice many different areas of math!

Counting Math Games:

  1. Construction Counting Game from Life Over C’s
  2. Race to 100 Counting Game
  3. Watermelon Counting Game
  4. Counting to 10 Game from Life Over C’s
  5. Count Your Chickens Counting Game


  1. Quadrilateral Bingo from You’ve Got This Math
  2. Train Shape Game from 3 Dinosaurs


Addition/Subtraction Math Games:

  1. Finding Dory Addition Game from Royal Baloo
  2. Dinosaur Addition Game from Royal Baloo
  3. Make 10 Addition Game from Royal Baloo
  4. Don’t Take My Blocks Addition/Subtraction Game from You Got This Math
  5. Cookie ‘Slap It’ Addition Game from Life Over C’s
  6. Sum Swamp Addition Game


Skip Counting Math Games

  1. Skip Counting Fishing Game
  2. Skip Counting Monster Math Game

Telling Time Math Games

  1. Telling Time Game from You’ve Got This Math
  2. Zingo Time Telling Game
  3. Perfecting Timing Game

Rounding Math Games

  1. Pirate Rounding Game from Life Over C’s

Multiplication/Division Math Games

  1. Multiplication Bingo from Royal Baloo
  2. Printable Multiplication Game from Math Geek Mama
  3. Multiplication Football Game from Frugal Fun 4 Kids
  4. Say Cheese Multiplication Game
  5. Jumpin Chips Multiplication Game

This is day 4 of my 10 day series on Making Math Fun.  Don’t miss the rest of the topics!


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