Star Wars Addition Riddles

Star Wars jokes and addition – what could be better?

I’m not sure, honestly.

But as far as addition practice goes, I’m pretty sure the answer is nothing.

Enjoy this addition practice and laugh at the jokes!

Star Wars Addition Riddles

My kids love Star Wars and they’re the reason that I got into Star Wars.

I don’t remember watching many of the Star Wars movies as a kid and I definitely wasn’t into them. None of my family members cared much about Star Wars so it just wasn’t a scene that I had a lot of exposure.

But after seeing how much my kids enjoyed the movies, I knew it was something I wanted to learn more about.

And I fell in love. The Star Wars universe is incredible and I’m loving getting to know it better.

So of course I wanted to make more Star Wars addition printables! I love getting to combine something my kids enjoy with something they need to learn. It makes the learning a lot more fun.

How to Use the Star Wars Addition Riddles

Start by cutting out the pieces with the letters in the top left corner. I let my kids cut these out. The pieces are randomized on the page, so the answer won’t be obvious when cutting out the pieces.

Then complete the addition problems. Each letter has a different addition problem on it and there answers all different, too.

Next, match the answers on the cards to the answers on the answer page.

Lastly, read the answer!

It might be easier to read the answer by copying the letters into the spaces on the bottom.

Find More Star Wars Printables Here:

I’ve been making Star Wars printables for a long time now because Star Wars is one area of interest that my kids keep coming back to over and over again.

So you’ll find multiplication, addition, STEM activities, and more.

Get more Star Wars Printables here!

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