Simple I Know My Multiplication Fact Booklets

Multiplication facts are not the most fun in terms of things to practice and learn. Well, at least that’s what many kids think.

As a kid, I was the one who put forth all her effort and energy to learn my multiplication facts I thought it was fun.

And if I’m being honest – I thought everyone else did, too. It wasn’t until having kids that I realized memorizing multiplication facts wasn’t considered a fun hobby.

So now I’m faced with kids who need to learn their facts but don’t really enjoy it.

Multiplication Fact Booklets

Last year I made some fun little booklets for addition.  Well, now that Baloo is diving more into multiplication, I thought it was time to get these booklets out!  These multiplication fact booklets are a great addition to any math curriculum and a great way to reinforce multiplication facts!

Bonus – they’re simple, easy to use, and fast to complete.

How to Use the Multiplication Fact Booklets

The multiplication facts are organized by number. So there’s a full page for multiplying by 0, 1, 2, etc.

And each page in the booklet goes up from x0 to x9.

I decided to randomize the facts instead of putting them in order. I do like pages that show the facts in order to cement the idea of skip counting and multiplication being similar.

But for this, I wanted a way to test the facts themselves.

We used these books more as review than practice. But they’re good both ways.

If you have a kid that enjoys coloring – they can color in the kids on the sides of the page!

Extra Suggestions for Multiplication Fact Practice

These booklets are pretty simple. So I wanted to give a few extra suggestions for anyone looking to make them a little more fun, reuseable, or

Laminate the pages

Laminate the pages to make them reusable.

I would add a hole punch and put them on a ring, too.

Then your child can use them over and over again.

Rainbow Write

Write the answers multiple times with different colors (all on top of each other). It’s great for extra reinforcement and it looks pretty, too!

Race the Clock

This is one we don’t use because my kids HATE racing against a clock. But if your kid is a bit competitive and doesn’t get bothered by the clock, then give it a try. Just set a timer and see if they can solve all the problems before time runs out.

Looking for MORE Multiplication Activities?

I have a whole slew of multiplication activities available. Get them all at the link below:

The Royal Baloo Multiplication Library

Get your copy of the Multiplication Fact Booklets here

Go Here to Download the Multiplication Booklets

3 thoughts on “Simple I Know My Multiplication Fact Booklets”

  1. Elizabeth Sand

    I clicked on the download which brought me to the page that says to download scroll down. However, when I scrolled down it was not multiplication but addition facts.

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      The addition and multiplication books are on the same page. You might just need to scroll a bit further for the multiplication.

      I’m working on making it easier and more clear – sorry for any confusion!

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