Edit: I've restarted and updated this series.  It's now called Zoomin' Movin' Alphabet and can be found here:
Zoomin' Movin' Alphabet


I started this series for my middle son, Royal. He is 3 years old and our focus right now is learning the letters of the alphabet. He loves trucks so this set of ABCs will be focused on vehicles! Along with the letter of the week there will be some activities focused on colors, shapes, numbers, matching, sorting, patterning, etc!

We will be attempting to do one letter per week and I will release the printables as we do them.

Truck ABC letter A

A is for ambulance Download
A is for ambulance blog post  


B is for Bulldozer Download

  B is for Bulldozer Blog Post

Cc is for Crane Download
Cc is for Crane blog post

Dd is for Dump Truck Download
Dd is for Dump Truck Blog Post