Terrific Truck ABCs – letter A for Ambulance


Royal is 3 years old 

I’m so excited to be able to share this new program I’ve been working on for Royal! He’s getting more and more interested in letters, numbers, shapes, etc so I really wanted to take advantage of his interest. Trucks seem to be a real hit with Royal and for his birthday he got a truck ABC book. I intended on using the examples in the book until I realized that only a few of the letters were actually trucks. After F most of them are words like quick, yield, and zoom. So I just made a list of vehicles for all the letters, trying to stick to trucks as much as possible. Some of the letters at just tricky though!

We’re going to spend about a week per letter and there will be printables to go along! I’ll also try to suggest crafts, activities, books, songs, and iPad/itouch/iPhone apps.

Download Letter A printables here!

This week we started with A is for ambulance. Royals favorite part was gluing Cheerios dust (the stuff left in the Cheerios box when you’ve finished all the Cheerios) to his letter A. He was quite proud and tried to show it off to everyone! 

I gave him some glue in a muffin cup and a q-tip so he could do the glue himself. 10-05-06 532


Pinching the cheerio dust and sprinkling it on.10-05-06 534


Finished product!  It is hanging on the window now, but we will be adding it to our new Toddler Look Book (post to come!) 10-05-06 540


After it was dry we used it for finger tracing.

10-05-06 628 


He also really enjoyed coloring the ambulances. We’ve done activities like that before but I usually have to do a lot of guiding. This week though he was matching the colors himself and coloring them in! Color me impressed…

10-05-06 549


He loved the shape ambulance craft, and I was surprised that he knew all of the shapes.  I think he’s been holding out of me!

10-05-06 618


Heads and tails matching went over well, except he liked to call it front and behind.  That’s probably more appropriate anyway!



10-05-06 614


He wanted them all lined up in a row, of course. 

10-05-06 615



We played an ambulance game where Royal had to match big As to big As and small a’s to small a’s.  I used 2 boxes to make an A hospital and an a hospital.  Then I cut 10 of each into little squares and mixed them all up.  Royal used a box for his ambulance (with a little cross on the side).  I would give him a letter and he would rush it to the appropriate hospital!

10-05-06 636


Here he is rushing one of the letters over to the hospital.  (Baloo is in the back protecting the hospitals from the wrath of Logi-Bear!)10-05-06 630


Matching the letter 10-05-06 635


For a bit they all worked together!  Baloo really wanted to play too so we gave him a few turns as well.10-05-06 629   


Ambulance Books

I was pretty disappointed that our library does not have any ambulance books.  I put a few books on hold that have ambulances in them, but none of them have arrived yet.


However, there are 2 on amazon that I have my eye on.

I drive an Ambulance


Please Don’t Dance in my Ambulance.



Ambulance Apps

Go figure, there really aren’t many ambulance apps either!  We found 2 free apps, and one the boys loved…but it’s loud.  It’s called Sirens.  There are 4 trucks (Ambulance, fire truck, police car, and SWAT truck) and you tap them to hear their siren.  It’s cool to hear the differences…for a few moments at least.


The other app that I liked is called City Vehicles.  It goes through a few different vehicles you’d see in a city.  There is an ambulance, dump truck, bus, and I’m sure a few others.  It’s a bit interactive.  Again, you can hear the siren on the ambulance.  If you tap the dump truck the back lifts up.  It’s a cute app!


Neither of these apps will provide hours of play but they are interesting.


If you have any ambulance books, apps, crafts, etc to share, please leave a comment, link, or send me an e-mail!!


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8 thoughts on “Terrific Truck ABCs – letter A for Ambulance”

  1. Oh this is a fabulous idea! If I had a little boy I’d be stalking your site waiting for the next download of printables! We did a mini transportation unit this week and used Alphabeep – so much fun. And I was surprised that the girls were even interested it the unit…

  2. Oh what a wonderful pack. Thanks for this freebie! Looking forward to your future ABC posts- I just subscribed! YEAH!

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  4. I am so excited to have found your blog. With my two littlest boys getting ready to start learning their letters this is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I just found this post and I'm so excited.  I am ready to teach my preschool son his letters and this will be the perfect way.  Thanks!

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