Truck ABCs – Cc is for Crane


We had such a relaxing week here just doing school as we pleased.  We were outside for school pretty much every day just enjoying the beautiful mornings here.  Royal is really soaking up these printables.  He loves the trucks and practically begs for me.  I’m so glad to have found something he is so interested in!

Download Letter Cc is for Crane here!

One of his favorites is dot painting.  He starts by dotting the letter but always ends up dotting in the entire picture.

I was pretty surprised with his concentration on gluing this week.  Once again I gave him a Q-Tip and little cup of glue.  He was very careful to just get it in the C.

Adding even more glue.

He chose sequins this week.  Unfortunately he was more interested in the butterfly sequins so he wasn’t too interested in gluing much by this point.

He did almost finish the C though!


We found this awesome construction puzzle at Ross earlier this week.  It’s 50 pieces and had little reusable stickers you can add at the end.  Royal loved it!



He added dot stickers to our counting page…got to love that concentration!

Peeling stickers off.

When he had filled them all in I tried to get him to count them with me.

He was very excited about his “small crane book”.  He read through it many many times!

His favorite parts were the crate hanging from the crane, and the crate on top of the crane.

Coloring the cranes didn’t get as much attention this week.

He was trying to show me something here.  I think he colored on the wrong color.


Crane Books:

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
Rhyming, personification, great illustrations…what’s not to love? Each truck has to finish its job and then cuddles up for the night. Very cute book!Road Builders by B.G. Hennessy
This book describes what each of the trucks is for, and I love that! It’s simple text with good illustrations.

Crane Apps

Little Crane
This app has a bunch of challenges in which you have to maneuver a crane.  It requires a bit of thought of creativity to get the job done!


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  1. popping over from tot school, loving the terrific truck ABC idea. Going to keep an eye out for the goonight construction site book, have seen it mentioned a few times. We have a book called dig, dig, digging, which my daughter loves

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