Bb is for bulldozer


Royal is 3 years old

I was pretty excited when Royal enjoyed Aa is for ambulance last week, but that was nothing compared to this week! Royal was actually asking me for more work and more coloring! Before we were even ready to start “school” for the day he would be asking about bulldozers. I am so excited that he’s enjoying this series!

Go here to download letter B!

I try to get him to start with the big letter page each week so we can hang it up and talk about it all week long. ; So far Royal has been more than willing! ; This week he wanted to glue pom poms on the B.

And he wanted it to be a bit more yellow!



He loved dot painting the B’s! ; He actually ended up dotting in the entire bulldozer.IMG_5483

Tracing the lines. ; He actually just did this one on his own. ; I overheard him talking about the bulldozers needing to get to their dirt piles!


Size sorting! ; Again, he loved this! ; We focused on using words like smaller, smallest, bigger, biggest, etc.

I havent yet found a way to practice counting with the trucks that I like. ; I don’t think I’ll do it like this again. ; He liked pointing at the bulldozers but he wouldnt count and didn’t want to circle the numbers.
;IMG_5514 ; ; ; ;


Our game this week was bulldozing the B’s and b’s! ; I crumpled up a bunch of moving paper that we were done with into little balls and then taped either a B or a b on it. ; Then I made 2 larger letters and gave Royal a bulldozer. ; His “job” was to bulldoze the boulders to the matching letter.

Looking at the pile to find the letter he wanted.

Pushing the pile!

IMG_5545 ;

He’s making the bulldozer noise here!

All done!


Bulldozer Books

B is for Bulldozer
Royal got this book for his birthday and it’s a cute book. ; It goes through the ABCs with all construction related terms, though only the first few are actually trucks. ;

Road Builders by B.G. Hennessy
This book describes what each of the trucks is for, and I love that! It’s simple text with good illustrations.

Get To Work Trucks! by Don Carter
Our favorite part of this book was the little turtle hiding on every page. The story is cute and the illustrations are fun but we enjoyed the search for the turtle on each page the most!

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
Rhyming, personification, great illustrations…what’s not to love? Each truck has to finish its job and then cuddles up for the night. Very cute book!

Job Site byNathan Clement
I’m going to risk being a bit politically incorrect here, but I think this might important to some. This book goes through the jobs of the different trucks but what’s different than many other books is that the people are mostly black. The boss and all but one of 2 of the workers are black. I don’t typically notice color, especially in children’s books, but I’m glad I noticed it this time. I would love to see more books with racial diversity that aren’t about race!

Alphabeep by Debora Pearson
I actually got this book from the library and I really like it! It’s fun to read and really keeps the boys engaged. They love looking at the illustrations and pointing out everything that was going on.

Bulldozers E-book
This was free a few days ago sow e got it. It’s still free for prime members, otherwise now it’s $1.49 which isn’t a bad price. Royal and I went through both books and mostly just looked at the pictures of all the bulldozers. He wasn’t interested in all the reading. I don’t know that I would pay for it, but if you have a child that loves bulldozers it would probably be worth it!

Bulldozer Apps
We downloaded Chuck and Friends and both boys love it! It’s an interactive storybook. You can choose to read it yourself or have them read it to you. Throughout the story there are objects to find, places to tap, vocabulary words, and more. And it’s free! There are books you can buy, but they have quite a decent free collection.
Chuck and friends: Ruckus Reader


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  1. I am love your site and am starting preschool with my 3 year old next month. I can’t seem to find the bulldozer printables you show above…the different sized ones. Thanks!!!

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