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The national summer reading program this year is Dig Into Reading, and we are completely ready to dig in!  If there is one thing my boys are always ready to do – it's getting messy.  They love to dig in to anything and everything!!

I've joined with a group of bloggers to bring you some excellent book related ideas that center around the Dig Into Reading Theme.


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Throughout the summer we are sharing book related activities about gardening, underground animals, construction sites, and treasure hunting.  I'm sure you'll be inspired by these wonderful bloggers!


For the Dig Into Gardening theme, our book choice was obvious to me.  The Curious Garden by Peter Brown.  This is one of our all time favorite books.  The story is wonderful and the illustrations are incredible.  The boys enjoy it almost as much as I do!

To go along with the book, I decided to use 3-Part-Cards from the Gardening Pack at Homeschool Creations.  I printed them and cut them out.  Then I sought out the gardening items we have to match and set them all out.The Curious Garden: Dig Into Reading - Gardening

I gave Royal the picture cards and Baloo the word cards and had them each match the picture or word to the actual item.
The Curious Garden: Dig Into Reading - Gardening

Baloo had a bit of difficulty with words like trowel and cultivator since we don’t normally use them.  But it was a great lesson in vocabulary!
The Curious Garden: Dig Into Reading - Gardening

All matched up!
The Curious Garden: Dig Into Reading - Gardening

After they had finished, I gave them the cards with the picture and word to see if they had gotten all of them correct.
   The Curious Garden: Dig Into Reading - Gardening


After we put all the items away we matched the cards and words up again, this time side by side.
The Curious Garden: Dig Into Reading - Gardening




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2 thoughts on “The Curious Garden: Dig Into Reading – Gardening”

  1. I really love this idea. My son and I are working on a little mini-garden for our backyard and this would be a great game to include in the process. I have to also mention your gardening tools are adorable. 

  2. What a great way to work on sight words. I love that you had the actual object  and a picture of one!  Thank you so much for co-hosting Dig Into Gardening with me! 

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