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Transportation Rhyming Cards

Trucks were one of the first obsessions my kids had. Trucks and trains and anything else mechanical that moved. It’s only natural that they needed some transportation-themed rhyming materials.


Truck Themed Rhyming Mats

Combining a transportation theme with a lesson on rhymes was a hit with my kids. Teaching them to rhyme was a challenge each time but we got through it with repetition. So it was imperative to have a variety of activities and different ways to practice.

The truck rhyming mats feature 8 different trucks with 8 different ending sounds. Each truck features a different word family

The mats are simple to use. Start by cutting out the extra word cards. Then have your kid say the word out loud and match it to the picture on the trucks.


How to Teach Rhyming to Kids

Rhyming is a very important skill to learn prior to teaching kids to read. The ability to identify rhyming words will make it much easier for kids to notice patterns in similar words.

When a child understands that cat and bat sound the same, they’re more likely to be able to read each word. If they can read at, they just have to add the first sound.

But teaching rhyming isn’t always easy. Kids don’t always understand what a rhyme is or why they are important.

I try to start teaching them rhymes but just bringing it up in conversation. If two words rhyme, I’ll point it out. It helps if they are familiar with the concept of rhyming first.

Next, I’ll ask them to decide if a word rhymes with another word or not. I try to repeat both words, first at a normal pace and then slowly. We work out together if they are rhyming or not.

Finally, I’ll give them a set of words and ask them which rhymes with a particular word. For instance, cat – ball, sun, bat. Which rhymes with cat?

These mats are best for the 3rd stage although they can work for the 2nd stage as well. You would just work one at a time and pick out certain word cards to determine the rhymes.



Go Here to Download the Transportation Rhyming Cards

Transportation Rhyming Cards free. Practice rhyming skills with a transportation theme!

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  1. I printed out the rhyming cards for transportation. THANK YOU!!
    I am confused about picture on ambulance it rhymes with pop, mop, and top. To me it looks like a can with a carrot on the label. Could someone help?

    1. Hi Adrienne!

      The one on the ambulance is can. The rhyming words to go with it are fan, pan, and van 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  2. I’m planning to use them on Friday , and don’t know what picture is suppose to be for the ambulance- i saw carrot , I’ve been trying to figure out what would rhyme with top

    1. Hi Rayna!
      The picture on the ambulance is a can. The rhyming words with it are fan, van, and pan.

      Hope that helps!

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