Math Resources that are Free or Nearly Free


Math Resources for Kids that are Free or Nearly Free! Great resources for math curriculum or math practice!

I am a BIG fan of homeschooling on the cheap.  We’ve never really been able to afford the big boxed curricula and it hasn’t been a big deal.  There are plenty of reasonably priced resources out there!  And I believe sharing is the best form of caring.


Free Resources for Math curricula: – FREE
Moby Max is more than just math, but it does offer a full math curricula from K-8.  We’ve used Moby Max in the past.  I felt like I needed to review some of the concepts to make sure my boys truly understood, but it was a great program.  Since we’ve used it I know they have added a lot of bells and whistles.  I definitely recommend it.
It is an online program.


Discovery K12 – FREE
Discovery K12 also offers more than just math and it is a full curricula for K-12.    We have used it, though not for very long.  It wasn’t the right fit for us.  I can definitely see it’s a good program for the right person though.  It is also all online and definitely worth checking out


Easy Peasy All-In-One – FREE
Another free online program that cover more than just math.  I love Easy Peasy and I desperately wish it worked for us.  This was made by a passionate homeschooling mother and I feel like she really did her homework and put together an excellent program.  It is online but they now have worksheets you can print so you can work offline too.

Khan Academy – FREE
Khan is not a full curricula, but it does offer more than just math.  We don’t use Khan as our core, but we use Khan daily for extra support.  The videos that explain different facts are excellent.  I definitely believe it could be used as the main math curricula.

Free Math Resources for Practice

Prodigy Game – FREE but membership offers more features
Prodigy is a game that includes math facts and it’s actually fun.  My boys beg to play.  The general idea is that you’re a magic user and you must defeat certain enemies.  When you get a math problem correct you can hurt your opponent.  Get it wrong and your opponent hurts you.
You can get a parent account and manipulate what problems your child is working on.  In addition you can see their progress, issues they are having, etc.
Membership is $9 a month, but I am part of a facebook group that gets bulk memberships for $13 a year.  Open to everyone – just send a request!  I believe they are ordering twice a month at this time.
Facebook Group Here


XtraMath – FREE
Xtramath is great for practicing math facts.  I wish it were more game like, but it serves its purpose.


Big Brainz – FREE
Big Brainz is not an online program – you actually download the program and can play offline.  It reminds me of prodigy in that it is a game.  Unlike prodigy it only practices addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication facts, and division facts.  I don’t see this as a flaw.  Sometimes kids just need regular fact practice.


Times Tales – $17-$20
Times Tales is not free and I’m kind of breaking the “nearly free” qualifier too.  But this program is SO GREAT!  If your kid is having problems with multiplication facts, you need this program.  It is worth every penny.


Other Great Free Math Resources

Math is Fun – FREE
This website explains practically every math concept in an easy to learn way.  I wouldn’t use it as a base, but it’s a great tool for concepts your child may be struggling with.

Teachers Pay Teachers – FREE
Teachers Pay Teachers – less than $5
Teachers Pay Teachers is an excellent resource to get material for teaching math concepts.  I’ve linked to both free items and items less than $5.  There is something for every one there!


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