Water Play Wednesday: basic water play

I really like to give my boys opportunities to just play and use their imaginations. As much as I love kitchen sets with all the plates and food and the toy sets with everything included, I think minimal toys which require imagination are so much more valuable!

Just about every day we have “water time” in which I let the boys get buckets, shovels, plastic toys, dinosaurs, etc. and then I give them the hose. They have already dug a hole in the backyard which we have agreed not to fill in as long as they don’t dig any more holes. Once they have the hose they typically start by filling the hole with water. And from there it varies every single time.

Sometimes they make a stream using rocks.

Sometimes they fill up the buckets and spend the rest of the time transferring water from one bucket to another.

Sometimes they even let Logi-Bear in on it!


And sometimes they just play for hours!


Like the rainboots?  Who could resist getting 3 pairs of clearance reainboots?


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