Totally Truck ABCs – D is for Dump Truck

For the past 2 weeks Royal has not been into “school” and I haven’t pushed him.  He’s only 3, I’m not ready for him to hate school yet (okay, I’ll never really be ready for any of my kids to hate school.  Learning is so much fun, why would anyone hate it??)

I’ve had his Dump Truck papers out every day and he pretty much just pushed them aside.  It took him 2 days to color and decorate his big letter D!


More coloring

Finally finishing with the dot stickers!

Almost done!!


He also cut a lot of his sheets, but not the cutting strips of course.  He got new scissors and wanted to cut everything.  So we cut, and cut, and cut.

Next week we start with E is for Excavator.  Maybe he’ll be more into that!!

In the meantime, go here are the printables for the letter D!  I hope someone else enjoys them more than Royal did!


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