Weather Dot Marker Pages!

I just couldn’t let the weather theme go by so quickly.  It’s too much fun!!  I had to make some Weather Dot Marker Pages!  So much fun for identifying the different types of weather.

Weather Dot Marker Pages

Weather Dot Marker Pages

And I love dot markers!  They’re so simple but provide endless amounts of learning and fun.  And often times the kids don’t even realize they’re learning.  Win-win, as I always say!

Royal and Logi-Bear love using gems with dot marker pages.  They tend to go a bit crazy with dot markers anyway, so the gems are much better.  They’re practicing fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination.  It’s great!


Included in the set is:
SunRain Cloud
Rain jacket

Scroll down on the page for the dot marker pages

Go Here to Download the Weather Dot Markers Pages!

Weather Dot Marker Pages

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