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When I told the boys that the Poppins Book Club theme this month was Wizards, they were pretty excited.  They wanted to do Wizard school and have a complete Wizard theme – so we did!  I had to make a Wizard pack, naturally!


I found this Magic Science kit and got it from Micheals using a 40% off coupons.  I think it ended up being about $14 that way, so the Amazon price is pretty good.

I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it, but it looked like a lot fun so we took a chance.  And it was totally worth it!  First of all, it comes with 4 thick plastic test tubes and a very sturdy stand.  Those alone are worth the money!  Then there are the necessary chemicals for the experiments – baking soda, citric acid, oil, and a few that I cannot pronounce or remember.  The set was totally worth it and I’m definitely glad we bought it!

We bought some dowel rods to make our wizard wands.  Royal painted his blue, and Baloo decided on red.

Then we started the magic.  First we mixed baking soda and water in one test tube, and citric acid and water in another.  We made sure to mix them up really well.

Then Baloo used the magic paper and wrote on it using the baking soda water.  We talked about pH balance, bases, acids, and how the paper reacts differently to bases and acids.

After Baloo wrote the letters he used the citric acid mixture (acid) to retrace them and they started disappearing.  He and Royal did this a few times until I was worried the paper was going to be destroyed.  We had to let it dry so they could continue.

Next we tested combining citric acid and vinegar.  First we just did the combo with regular water, which was pretty cool!  But then we tested the difference between hot water, ice cold water, and room-temp water.

The hot water is the 2nd from the left, and was much much faster than the other 2!  The room-temp water is on the right and was started to ‘erupt’ whereas the ice cold water was barely starting.


Another experiment we did was with watergem-like material.  We started by putting some in yellow water, and some in red water.

After the gems had soaked up most of the colored water, I put them in a bowl together to see if they would absorb from each other and make orange.  And they did!


For our writing practice I bought this fun color changing notebook.  We called it our spell book and used it for writing practice.  The color changing part just made it more fun!
We used pictures from the wizard packs and Baloo wrote the words.

We had a lot of fun with our wizard week.



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