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Baloo is just now finishing up first grade, and for the past few months we’ve been using the Reading in First readers from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom.  At first I figured they would be “normal” readers but with a fun theme (like Star Wars!) but I was so wrong!  These readers are so much more than normal readers!

While reading there are some missing sight words.  The intention is that the student needs to figure out what the missing word is and then cut and paste the letters in.  IMG_1582

So when Baloo is reading through these books he actually has to stop and think about what word is missing and which of the sight words makes the most sense in the sentence.  Then he has to get the letters in the right order, which helps with his spelling.

Each book comes with the reader, sight word letter cards, a comprehension sheet, and a bookmark.  We also choose to add something extra with the books.  For A Wookie Smells A Cookie we made cookies.


For How I Make Hot Chocolate, we went through the steps after completing the book!IMG_1584


We are loving the Reading in First Readers!  They’ve been a wonderful addition to our regular reading program!  I think they are really helping Baloo to think about what he is reading.  I’ve noticed that he goes back and re-reads the sentences more often now. 

Jill has done an incredible job picking out interesting topics, attractive clip-art, and catchy stories. 

Make sure to check out Reading In First!

The links in this post are NOT affiliate links.  I know Jill has an affiliate program, but I’ve chosen not to sign up for it at this time because I don’t want to have any reason to give this product a positive review except for the fact that it is great.

I did receive a copy of this product early so I could review it.

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