Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 1

I’ve been working on this sight word project with 3 Dinosaurs for a bit now and I have to say, I’m so excited about it!

Here is the description from 3 Dinosaurs.  I don’t think I can say it better myself!

Reading Fun in the Sun is the combined work of Royal Baloo and 3 Dinosaurs. It will have a collection of 8 Units for the summer. It will have over 60 pages total activities for Sight Words, Word Blends, Digraphs, & Diphthongs. What will I find in Unit 1? Sight Words: after, his, may, of, stop Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: br, sk, str, ch-, ow/ou


Sight Word Unit contains some of the following: word puzzles, word mazes, write your own sentence with the sight word, find the words in a story, fun with shapes, bingo, color by sight word, craft words, connect the words with a dotted line, spy words, read, write, build, stamp, word paths

Word Blends, Digraphs, & Diphthongs contains some of the following: Beginning, middle, or end; color by sound, fill in the blank, matching, and tic tac toe.

Cassie is hosting the Sight Word portion on 3 Dinosaurs and I will be hosting the Word Blends, Digraphs, and Diphthongs here on Royal Baloo!

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  2. Thank you so much for this free printable! My daughter is 5 and is doing a great job learning to read. She is beyond many of the printables but this is perfect! I’m excited to use it this summer so that we can continue school in a fun way!

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