Art with Outdoor Materials

When we went on our leaf hunt for our Leaf Man activity we found these awesome spiky seed balls.  I thought they would be great for painting with.  I set Royal up with a piece of paper with some dots of paint and 2 spiky seeds to roll through the paint.IMG_7796

He rolled the seeds back and forth, side to side and…

The effect was not noticeable. 

He had been begging me to let him pour out the paint right on top of the seeds…so I let him.

The he got the spoon and starting splattering the paint, pushing around the seeds, and just playing with the whole contraption.IMG_7810

More splattering!IMG_7813

He finished up by writing in the paint.  We covered some shapes and letters!

He artwork didn’t turn out so arty but he loved this project!

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