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With Christmas fast approaching, I wanted to highlight some books about Santa himself!

Santa Book Recommendations

Russell’s Christmas Magic by Rob Scotton
In this delightful story, Russell (a sheep) is preparing for Christmas when he sees Santa crash land. Russell fixes up an old car to be Santa’s new sleigh and thus saves Christmas. The illustrations are fun, unique, and likely, and the story is endearing.


Brave Santa by Nancy Poydar
If you have a shy child, this book is for you! Jack is a shy little boy who is nervous about meeting Santa. He practices but when the time comes he is still feeling shy. He runs into Santa, who is also feeling shy! They work through it together. This is a sweet story with colorful illustrations.


Guess who’s coming to Santa’s for dinner? By Tomie dePaola
If you think your family is crazy, read this story about Santa’s family coming for dinner after Christmas! There is the investor uncle, opera singing aunt, and the mean and angry cousin. In the end though, they have a wonderful time!


A new improved Santa by Patricia Rae Wolff
Santa has decided to go on a diet and change his look, but the new Santa does not go over well. He decides to change back but has to do so quickly because Christmas is near! The story goes through the small changes Santa makes each month leading to an entirely different Santa!


A letter to Santa Claus by Brigitte Weninger
This is a truly heartwarming story about a little boy and his mother who barely make enough money to pay for the necessities. The little boy, Oliver, hears about Santa and wants to make a wish. He sends a note to Santa tied to a balloon that flies to a nearby city and is found by an old man. The old man is touched by the wish and brings presents to Oliver.
Really, the whole story is very sweet and touching. There is no way that my recap could do this story justice!


The soldiers night before Christmas by Trish holland and Christmas ford
As my husband recently finished his army contract, I was immediately drawn to this book. And as all ‘night after Christmas’ books should be, it was in full rhyme. But what makes this story special is that it shows what Christmas is like for our deployed soldiers. The highlight of the story is when a McClaus delivers letters, pictures, and artwork from home.


See Santa Nap by David Milgrim
This is an easy reader, but I’m recommending it anyhow. It’s very silly and fun, and I know it’s just the kind of story that would get my kids to practice their reading skills!

Santa’s littlest helper travels the world by any stohner
When all of Santa’s helpers fall ill, the littlest helper suggests that Santa ask the animals for assistance. They visit Paris and Venice and make sure to get all the presents delivered on time!


Santa’s last present by Marie-Aude Murail and Elvira Murail
This story starts off with a child doubting the existence of Santa, so be warned! It ends up telling the story of a boy who just wanted an expensive video game system. He also ended up receiving a toy train which he loved more than the video game system! It’s a sweet story for kids who are starting to doubt the existence of Santa.


Santa calls by William Joyce
When 3 friends receive a box from ‘S.C.’ they are intrigued. The instructions say to assemble and go north. The friends get the contents assembled and head to the North Pole where they are met with adventure. They end up back at home where it is revealed the reason that Santa called on them.


Santas stuck
A few years ago we bought this book and it has been a favorite ever since.  Santa gets stuck in a chimney and all the animals try to,help him out.  The language of the book makes it fun to read!



I have personally read all of these books and only recommend books that I feel are appropriate.  If you have any suggestions please leave a comment so I can check it out!

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