A Christmas I Spy Activity

We’ve had so much fun with this Christmas I Spy activity. My kids were mesmerized when they first saw the I Spy and then spent a lot of time using the “flashlight” to see all of the details.

So if you’re ready to wow your kids give this craft a try.

Christmas I Spy

I always have my eye out for new activities I can present to my kids. They’re getting used to my old tricks so I’m constantly having to think of new things to get them excited.

I found a YouTube video for Five Nights at Freddy crafts and this idea came through.

I added the I Spy activity because I thought it would add a fun component to the activity.

How to Make Your Own Christmas I Spy

This is really simple to make once you see how it works. And it only takes a few fairly common materials.

I do recommend putting it all together before showing them any of it. They’ll be much more surprised if you present the final product!

Materials you’ll need:

  • Permanent Markers – black and colors
  • Sheet protector or laminating sheet (laminated together so it’s transparent)
  • Christmas background and I Spy printable
  • Black cardstock (construction paper is okay but I found it wasn’t dark enough)
  • Tape or glue

First, tape the Christmas background to your transparent sheet. If you’re using a sheet protector just use one side of the sheet.

Trace the image with a black permanent marker onto the transparent sheet.

Color in whatever you would like. Anything not colored in will appear white.

We found the images were more hidden if the transparent sheet was colored in. The darker the colors, the better.

Cut the transparent sheet down so it will fit onto the black cardstock.

Next we need to create a bit of a frame on three sides around the transparent sheet. You can either fold the cardstock in or use extra cardstock to tape on top of the transparent sheet. Make sure the bottom is open!

Now we need a “flashlight”. Using white cardstock cut out a flashlight with a large beam. Make sure the beam can reach all the way from the bottom of the transparent sheet to the top.

Slide the flashlight in between the transparent sheet and the black cardstock. You should be able to clearly see your image!

Now just hand over your I Spy with the list of things to find and let your child be wowed!

Get the Christmas I Spy Printable Here

Grab your copy of the I Spy Printable Here

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