Christmas ABC Printables

We’ve been working with the ABCs with Logi-Bear for awhile.  And seeing as I love doing holiday things, I figured we needed some holiday themed ABC pages to work on!



There are 13 packs total with 5 pages for each pack.  Each pack features a different letter.  No, I didn’t manage to do all the letters.  Simply put, there isn’t enough Christmas vocabulary!  However, I included ones that I thought really suited the packs well.  Some of the packs are more secular while others are more “religious”.  Simply put, I couldn’t not put Jesus in the J pack.  It just didn’t seem right. 

Anyway, each pack includes:
Dot the Letter
Letter Coloring Page
Letter Writing Practice
Letter Mini Book
Dot the big Letter


Go Here to Download the Christmas ABC Packs




3 thoughts on “Christmas ABC Printables”

  1. Melissa Bushong, Preschool Teacher

    Math error found on your Reindeer.PDF, page 19, 1+3 equal , with 3 sleighs and 2 sleighs, the boxes contain 4,2,&6. Love your pintables!

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