Color-By-Number Names

When I put up the Name color-by-number post a few months ago I had no idea it would get such a response!  I’ve been overwhelmed, honestly.  And as hard as I’ve tried to keep up with the requests, I am falling quite behind.

So, I’m putting up a little tutorial for anyone that feels up to making their own instead of waiting on me to get it done!

Open this file:
DIY Color-By-Number Names

I make mine in Open Office Draw, but I believe Microsoft Office has a similar application that should open this file just fine.

I have the pages separated by the number of letters in the name.  Select the numbers and type in the name instead.
Next you’ll need to rearrange the numbers so they are within each letter.

Then you’re done!  You can change the colors if you’d like and make sure everything is centered as you want it!

9 thoughts on “Color-By-Number Names”

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  2. I looked at the tutorial, but I cannot figure out the font I need to get it to work. When I opened the file in Open Office Draw, my numbers were solid black on the inside. How do I fix that?

  3. I finally got into the Open Office file, but what font do you use for your names? I am trying to make the names of 3 kindergarten classes at my school and have lots of names not already on your list. But I want the ones that I make to match the ones you made as far as font! Any advice would be great!
    Thanks, I love the idea!

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