Earth Day Painting Craft

There’s nothing like a last minute Earth Day craft, right?

I saw this gorgeous stained glass painting on Happy Hooligans a few weeks ago, and immediately knew I wanted to make an Earth with it.  The boys love painting, and I love pretty decorate crafts Smile


I put out some blue and green paint, the wax paper, and our new fun brushes and pretty much just let it be.  I was hoping to leave the first part a bit open-ended for them.

Sure enough, they took the bait!  They painted all over using the different colors, and mixed them together a bit at the end.  We ended up with a really pretty assortment of blues and greens.IMG_0607

After they were done painting I gave them the bottle caps and let them explore.  On Happy Hooligans they twisted the bottle caps, but my boys went a different direction by sliding the bottle caps along the paper.

I really like how the sliding made the colors mix together a bit more.

After they were dry we cut them out in circles and added some black trim.IMG_0711

I love how they look with the sun shining through!!


For more Earth Day fun, check out my Earth Day printable packs!

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