Missing Addends with Manipulatives

Baloo is working on missing addends right now, and using these big sheets of paper is much more motivating than a worksheet for him.

We got out all of our Toob animals for this, but he decided to just use the dogs.  I set up the math problems, and let him go at it!

Missing Addends with Manipulatives

Naturally all the dogs had to be standing at attention before he began.
Missing Addends with Manipulatives

First he set the correct amount of dogs in the cirlce.
Missing Addends with Manipulatives


And then he would fill in the answer.
Missing Addends with Manipulatives


Baloo was much more engaged and actually did not complain at all about this math practice!

4 thoughts on “Missing Addends with Manipulatives”

  1. Love the dogs at attention!!  Just seeing that helps me to remember to not fuss about the small stuff.
    This would be a great activity for fact families too!!  Woohoo for math tomorrow!

    1. The 'small stuff' can add up so quickly it's enough to drive me crazy!  I've found that presenting the material, giving direction, and just walking away to let him work it out himself can really help my sanity!

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