Farm Syllable Sort for Beginning Readers

Syllables are an important part of learning to read and spell. Kids need to be able to break up words into smaller chunks to sound them out. And activities like this farm syllable sort are perfect for practicing syllables!

Farm Syllable Sort

Learning to differentiate syllables is an important part of reading and spelling. The ability to break down words into smaller chunks makes both processes so much simpler.

And all it really takes to learn syllables is a bit of practice.

I found that my kids were confused by syllables at first – and also confused as to why syllables are important. I never successfully explained to a 5 year old why syllables are important, to be honest.

How to Teach Syllables to Beginning Readers

We always used to chin trick instead of clapping. I found it easier for kids (and myself) to feel the syllables.

Just hold your hand under your chin. When you say a word, every time your chin drops it’s a syllable.

I have yet to find an exception to this trick! There are so often exceptions to every rule and trick in the English language. But this one has held solid.

How to Use the Farm Syllable Sort

The activity is really simple – pick a card and sort it to the correct barn based on it’s syllable.

What I love about it is that it only includes animals with 1 or 2 syllables.

For beginning readers I find it easiest to start simple. Don’t start with 4 syllables off the bat. That’s a lot of syllables to count!

Start by working on one and two syllable words and later word up to multi syllable words.

With activities like this, I usually try to have an equal amount of options for each. However, the farm animals seemed to be mostly one syllable. So there are a lot more options for one syllable words.

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